Drastic Price Increase For Life Insurance Policies

Many seniors have begun receiving letters from their life insurance carriers that they are raising the premiums for their life insurance because their carriers are facing shortfall in corporate earnings.  This will come as a shock because most seniors were quoted with a monthly price that they thought would never increase for the life of the policy in exchange for a set amount to be paid out upon their death.

Thousands of seniors are starting to receive these letters.

What is absent from these letters is adequate notice of options available to the insurance policy owners.  Most are only told that they can pay the higher rates, continue to pay the existing rates but receive less on the payout, or sell it back to the insurance company at a nominal rate.  What you should know is that you have the right to sell your insurance policy to a buyer for cash.  The amount of cash paid for your policy will vary based on the market conditions and the buyer.  So its up to you to get the most for your policy but none of these letters going out to Seniors are advising them of this right.

This is very disturbing.  California has a large population of Seniors who could be impacted by these unethical tactics.

As an owner of a life insurance policy, you need to know your rights so it might be worth you time to talk to a life insurance attorney who knows and can tell you all of your rights before you life the insurance company rip you off.